Jim Cramer's 8 Tech Stocks and Dividend Stocks | Stocks To Buy

Novogratz: Tech Stocks in Bubble; 'In Euphoric Stage' [Bloomberg Clip]

March Low Caller Tom Lee: ‘Epicenter’ Stocks May See Short-Term Boost

Headlines: Dow 26K+ Again; Tesla Now $1,500+; Bloomberg Says S&P 500 Flashes Sign That Marked End Of Every Bear MKT In Modern-History; Netflix Another Record; Bed Bath & Beyond Dips 24%; And More [July 10 2020]

Nasdaq Hits Another High, Led By Chip Stocks

YouTuber: Will TECH Pull the SP500 to All Time Highs?

EV Stocks Mega Speculation: Tesla 226%+ Nikola 400%+ NIO 414%+ Workhorse 790%+

Headlines: Dow -361 Closes 25,706; Nasdaq-Composite Record 10,547; Cloud Stocks Record; Walgreens 1.7B Loss; Penny Stocks Speculation; And more [July 9 2020]

Dwek: Stock MKT Will Rise Into the End of YR

Gordon: Tesla Stock Surge 'completely detached from reality'; 'Gambling Mentality' Euphoria

YouTuber: 2020 Economic Crisis Is NOT A 'Great Depression'

Headlines: Dow Close 26K+ Above; Nasdaq New Record; Apple; Amazon Record; Investors Dumping Airline-Stocks; Netflix Was $494+; Twitter, AMC Stocks Pop; Reopening Trade Stall; And more [July 8 2020]

Supreme Court Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline Construction

Options Traders See Upside Potential In Microsoft; Hits All-Time Hi $210+

YouTuber: Stock MKT Speculation & Gambling Symptoms of Hyperinflation

Full Econ Recovery Not Until 2022; MKT Correction by YR End: World's Most Accurate Economist

MKT Headlines: Dow Close -396; Gold 9-YR Hi; Tesla Another Record; US May Ban TikTok China SM Apps; Palantir IPO; Walmart $98/yr Delivery Service | [July 7 2020]

China ETFs Charge Ahead

Gary Shilling: MKT Could See 1930s-like Decline

In Childish Corp. Move, Tesla Mocks Short Sellers With "Red Shorts"

Uber Buys Postmates

MKT Headlines: Nasdaq New Record; Amazon $3,000+; Tesla Stock Surge; Uber Buys Postmates; Buffett Buys Gas Assets $9.7B; China Stocks Biggest 1-YR Pop China Media Says Load Up | [July 6 2020]

Jeff Saut: S&P 500 to 4,000 In Next 12-mths

Trump Hails 'Best 50-Day Increase in the History Stock Market'

Ray Dalio: Capital Markets No Longer "Free Markets"

Tesla: Now Up $100 in Pre-MKT

Krugman: Economy In Coma; We're In March Situation Again

Jeffrey Gundlach: V-shaped Recovery "Highly Optimistic"; States Need Bailouts; Options Gambling Euphoria; FAANG Gambling

Jim Cramer Says Charts show Potential Downside in S&P 500

Tech Stocks: NASDAQ-100 Now 10,200+; New Record High

Tesla Stock Now $1,100+; Hits Record High

Stock Market Predictions: Billionaire Ray Dalio Predicts 10-YR Lost Decade For Stock Market

YouTuber: Stock Market a Ponzi Scheme Owned by Fed

Buy Stocks? Cramer Adds New Stocks, Recommends Buying 12 Laggards...

Fed Chairman: Recovery path is 'extraordinarily uncertain'

Nouriel Roubini: Great Depression in Decade of 2020s; Stagflation

How Penny Stock Pumpers Work | @TimothySykes

Hilary Kramer: Tech frenzy Reminiscent of 2000 Bubble | Reuters Clip

Jim Rogers: Latest On the Market | ETNow Clip

Microsoft Closing Retail Stores | CNBC

El-Erian: Waiting to Put Cash to Work as Stocks face More Volatility ahead | CNBC Clip

Dow 25,871; Trump 1T-Plan Industrial Stocks Jump; Cruise Stocks Slide; Nintendo 12-Year Hi; Stock Market Predictions; And more | Stock Market Weekly

FED To Move Away From ETFs; Internet And IPO ETFs 52-WK Hi; Bond ETFs Surge; Retail And Communications Outperform; And more | ETF This Week [June 22 2020]

Tech Euphoria Continues: Amazon Surges To $2675; Apple Now $349; Facebook $238; Netflix $453 | This Week In Tech Stocks [June 22 2020]

YouTuber: The Bulls are STILL in Control | Stock Market Forecast

Tech Stocks Bubble: Is Microsoft overvalued? [CNBC Clip]

Jim Cramer: Charts Showing Bullish Trajectory In S&P 500 [CNBC]

Tech Stocks Bubble: YouTuber Says (Nasdaq) Are In A HUGE Bubble That Will Cause The Next Stock Market Crash

YouTuber: WARNING: The Stock Market Is A Bubble

Stock Market is in a Risky position, with rising momentum but also heightened volatility: Analyst

YouTuber: DANGER to ALL Robinhood Users! BIG RISK Coming

Jim Cramer on retail comeback: 'People should buy stocks'

Korea Drama: Shares of major S. Korean firms dropped 1-2% in After-hours trading

McDonald's U.S. Same-store sales drop by 12% for April, May

Retail sales surge 17.7% for May in the biggest monthly jump ever

The Stocks moving on reports of Trump $1 Trillion Infrastructure Proposal [CNBC Clip]

IPOs 2020: Breakdown.. [Yahoo! Finance Clip]

Top Stocks on Robinhood get Crushed in Sell-Off [CNBC Clip]

Bank Stocks Fall; KBW Bank ETF -8.98%

VIX Spikes 47.95% [June 11 2020]

Jim Grant on the market's response to the Fed's economic Outlook

US Economy entered Recession in Feb 2020—Here's the breakdown [CNBC]

Dow Closes −1,861 PTS - 6.90% [June 11 2020]

Dow 1,000+ PTS Down as Coronavirus cases spike in Reopening States [CNBC Clip]

Top 3 Stocks Gainers: 20%+: Occidental; Apache; Royal Caribbean Cruises

US Unemployment rate falls to 13.3% in May [Yahoo! Finance Clip]

1000+ Points Dow; Above 27,000; Good Jobs News

Trump: This is better than a V-shaped recovery. This is a rocket ship [CNBC Clip]

Krugman Drama: Doubts Job Data; Says Maybe Trump Gotten To BLS

Elon Musk calls Amazon a monopoly: 'Time to break up Amazon'

Top Stocks Gainers Today: +41.10% American Airlines

Dow Back Above 25K; S&P Crosses 3,000

Amazon Near All-Time-Hi; Facebook All-Time-HI; Facebook Shop Rollout; Spotify Gets Rogan Shares 18-MTH HI; Cloud-Index New Hi | This Week In Tech Stocks [May 25 2020]

Top 2 Stocks Gainers Today: 20%+: BJs Wholesale (BJ); Fannie Mae (FNMFM)

Spotify Gets YouTube Joe Rogan Show, Shares Go 18-MTH High

Stock Gainers 20% +: Freddie Mac (FMCCG); Freddie Mac (FMCCM)

eCommerce News: Facebook Rolls Out Online Shopping

Stocks Big Gainers: 20%+ Up: Park Hotels; Trip Advisor; United Airlines

Biden Says He'd Cancel Keystone XL

FED Buys ETF Bonds; Healthcare ETF 52-WK HI; Cloud ETF Rage; GOLD AND BND funds | ETF Weekly

Dow Under 24K; US Grocery Prices 40-Yr Spike; Fed Buys ETFs; Uber GrubHub Takeover Talk; GE 3-decade low | Stock Market Weekly Rundown

Energy This WK: Big Oil Dividends; Chesapeake; Aramco $75 B Dividend

Banks Bear Mkt; Fin Stocks Bounce; Wells Fargo Up From 11-YR Lo

Elon Musk Drama: 'If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.' Elon Says Ready To Be Arrested; Tesla Reopens Cali. Plant; California AssemblyWoman Says 'F*** Elon'; Happening Now

YouTube Picks: Flash Crash 10-YR Anniversary; Elon Musk On Rogan Show; El-Erian; More

Energy Rebounds; Tech ETF QQQ 100B+; LQD; Fed; Airline ETF Drops; Best WK For Small Caps Value-Themed ETFs | ETF Weekly [May 10 2020]

Dow 24K Above; Nasdaq Surge; PayPal All Time High; Peloton Shopify Spike; Jobless 14.7% Usa; And More | Stock Market Weekly Rundown

Now 14.7% Jobless USA Rate: At 'Postwar High'; Highest 'Since Great Depression'

Norwegian Says To Sail 2020; Royal Caribbean 2021 Bookings Within Normal Range

Shanghai Disneyland Tickets Sell Out | And More #Reopening Headlines

Youtube Picks: Best Month Since 1987; Cramer; Elon; Roubini; FB Google Ad Revenue

ETF Wkly: GLD; USO And DBO; LQD Overvalued Says Bond King; Junk Bond ETFs Best Month Since 2015

Weekly Report: Dow 23, 723; Us Stocks Best Month Since 1987; More [May 3 2020]

Warren Buffett: Reveals Big 50B Loss; Doesn't Know What's Next For Stocks; Gives Praise For Fed Powell; Dr. Fauci; And More

USA 'PPP' Small Biz Emergency Aid Program Becomes A Joke: Aid Goes To Luxury Hotels, Elite Private Schools, Chains, NBA Team

Now Trending: Elon Musk Memes; Huge Threads Pop Online Following Tweet Drama

Tesla -10%: Elon Musk Goes On Social Media Writes 'Price Too High'

Amazon US Gov. Drama: US Senator Wants Criminal Investigation And Now 5 Amazon Sites Put On US’s Notorious Markets List

USO Oil ETF; LQD + HYG Bond ETFs | ETF Weekly

Oil Crash 2020; Entertaining Dude Interview Jim Cramer; Carl Icahn; Kevin O'Leary; Mark Cuban | YouTube Picks

Dow Close 23, 775; Oil Price Negative; US Deficit To 3.7 Trill; Reopen Of Global Emergency Order; Netflix; Shopify; Peloton | Weekly Report

Popular ETF USO drops -25%, OIL Etn -40%, UCO -56.83%

YouTube: Short-seller Carson Block; Jim Cramer; ExxonMobil CEO; Bottom Calls

LQD Above 200-Day; Junk Bond ETFs Surge; New 'Work From Home' ETF | ETF Weekly

Dow 23, 719; Monday 1 600 Bounce; Bernie Sanders Bounce; FED To Buy Junk Bonds; 7.5-Yr Gold Hi.

YouTube: Jim Cramer; Jim Chanos; Marc Cuban; Barbara Corcoran

Dow Close 21, 052; Us Jobless Rate Jumps To 4.4%; Fed Says May Hit 32%; Luckin Coffee -80%; Jim Rogers

YouTube: Bernanke; Jim Cramer; Paul Tudor Jones; Jim Grant; SoFi App

ETF Weekly: $58 Billion Aid Airline ETF; Investment-Grade LQD

Dow 21K Above; Dow 3-Day-Surge; 3M Jobless Claim; Lockdown; Gold; 2T Stimulus; 5T Fed Bal. Sheet [Weekly Roundup]

YouTube Picks Clips: Jim Cramer; Us Corp Losses; Recovery In China

Dow < 20K; Trump Dollar Checks; Bernanke; 30% US Jobless Est; Uber Spike; Walmart All-Time High

Dow -3000 (almost); Spain -8%; Biz. Conditions Lowest Levels Since 2009 New York FED

YouTube: Jim Cramer / Mark Cuban / Carl Icahn / "BOND MAN" Grant / Dave Ramsey

ETF Weekly: Short-Term Us Treasury ETF 52-WK High; Energy ETFs Collapse; Volatility ETF 52-WK High

Dow at 23,185; 0% FED Rate; Black Monday; Bear MKT; Credit Default Swaps; Cheap Gas


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