"42K YOLO" On GME Stock: WallStreetBets Forum Bulls VS Short Sellers Battle Continues | Short Squeeze Drama

GME Stock

The "Short Squeeze" "Short Selling" "Short Cover" Stock Market Phenomena in Action

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Mind Blowing 
Battle In The Markets

Shorts VS Bulls Drama of 2021 Continues


WallStreetBets Forum Favourite Stock GME 
Goes Up 50%+; Online Traders Claim Big Gains "10 Bagger"; 
#Memes Pop; Short Squeeze Drama 


GME Stock "Short Interest" High

GME shorts haven't covered; they've added only added to their short position--short interest at 79.52 mil

Reddit Users Grabbing Lot Of The GME Stock

Buying GME Stock

"42K YOLO"


Short Cover Estimation

"50% upside for GME"
"Shorts have to cover in less than 25 days or they literally will lose more than they could ever gain from shorting." 

GME - Short interest, dip (nope), Maths, Buying, FOMO-
We are better at being irrational than 
Melvin is at being solvent.

Short Squeeze

The Big Short Squeeze

Jim Cramer On CNBC Clip 
Shown in Thread

GME shorts get crushed as explained by Cramer ... big WSB shout out, the first of two in the show tonight

Short Sellers Allegedly Costing Jobs Says User

"Avenge Virgin Brethren"

Shorts nearly cost 42,000 GME employees their jobs and livelihoods. We must avenge our virgin brethren

Reasoning Shown For Buying GME Stock

GameStop will undergo a huge transformation and capitalize on the ever-growing esports / video game market

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