Jim Cramer's 8 Tech Stocks and Dividend Stocks | Stocks To Buy

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Stocks To Buy

Jim Cramer Sees Chances 
Buy Tech Stocks,
Dividend Stocks

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Jim Cramer Says On CNBC Live On TV 
To Consider Buying These Stocks.. 

Here is the List of 8 Tech 
Stocks and Dividend Stocks 
To Buy...

Tech Stocks To Buy

  • Apple107.12 [AAPL]
  • Amazon2,999.86 [AMZN]
  • Microsoft200.59 [MSFT]
  • Alphabet1,409.39 [GOOGL]

Dividend Stocks To Buy

  • Coca Cola [KO]
  • General Mills [GIS]
  • Johnson & Johnson [JNJ]

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