Amazon Near All-Time-Hi; Facebook All-Time-HI; Facebook Shop Rollout; Spotify Gets Rogan Shares 18-MTH HI; Cloud-Index New Hi | This Week In Tech Stocks [May 25 2020]

This WK

+ Amazon Near All Time High
+ Facebook All Time HI $230.75 ... Facebook Rollout Shops;
+ Spotify Gets Joe Rogan Show, Shares 18-MTH HI
+ Cloud Index Hits New HIghs
+ Job Cuts
Joe Biden Says 'Amazon Should Start Paying Their Taxes'
+ and More..

Tech Headlines

Amazon Shares Near All-Time High

Amazon shares trade near its all-time high 
as e-commerce booms... | CNBC Clip

Facebook All Time High

Facebook Stock Soars to New High 
on E-Commerce Push

Facebook Rolls Out Online Shopping

Facebook and Amazon's new rivalry is heating up

Spotify App Grabs 
Joe Rogan 

Spotify Gets YouTube Joe Rogan Show, Shares Go 18-MTH High

Who is Joe Rogan, the man who just scored a reported $100 million deal with Spotify?

Cloud Index 
Hits New Highs

BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index and the corresponding WisdomTree Cloud Computing Fund hit new highs this WK

Cloud computing stocks are hitting all-time highs 
amid work-from-home, according to one index

Job Cuts

IBM Is Latest Tech Giant to Cut Jobs...

Uber to cut 3,000 more..


Hewlett Packard Enterprise loses more than $800 million as sales slump..



YouTube exec says CV-themed ads don’t perform any better, but ‘scrappy’ ads do


Facebook plans to start hiring new remote workers by July, expand presence in more cities

Facebook fined by Canada competition watchdog after privacy probe

EU Tech Chief Threatens Facebook’s CEO With Regulation


Amazon reportedly delays Prime Day sales event 
until September

Tax Time?

‘I think Amazon should start paying their taxes,’ Joe Biden says

Former Vice President Joe Biden: 'Amazon should start paying their taxes'


iPhone sales sees potential bounce back in China


Netflix's stock falls again, heads for longest losing streak in 3 MTH

Netflix will start cancelling inactive members’ subscriptions


Walmart e-commerce sales rose 74% in first quarter

WooCommerce launches native WooCommerce Payments feature

Shopifys 100% Runup Evokes Visions of Nortel Index Dominance

Social Media 

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey on giving away his money: ‘If someone is in pain, I am in pain’

Twitter, WhatsApp Sanctions Loom in European Privacy Crackdown

Tech More

2020: The Year Tech Took Over

Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and Barstool Sports are all betting big on podcasts

FAANG five are enjoying their last dance as market leaders: Wasif Latif

FAANG emerges as the latest group to lead the market, Jim Cramer says

36M Americans have filed for unemployment, but (some) tech firms are still hiring

Boom for payments companies as crisis forces shoppers online

Remote Work Trend

Facebook to shift permanently to a more remote workforce


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