Dow Under 24K; US Grocery Prices 40-Yr Spike; Fed Buys ETFs; Uber GrubHub Takeover Talk; GE 3-decade low | Stock Market Weekly Rundown


+ Dow Under 24,000;
+ US Grocery Store Prices 40-Yr Spike;
+ Fed Buys ETFs;
+ Uber Grubhub Takeover Talk;
+ GE 3-decade low;
+ Amazon AMC Buyout Rumour 
eBay, Nvidia,  
+ Elon Musk Drama
+ Stock Market Calls
+ FAANG Tech Stocks
+ More..

Daily Close

Monday 24,221 −109 pt
Tuesday 23,764 −457 pt
Wednesday 23,247 −516 pt
Thursday 23,625  +377 pts 
Friday 23,685 +60 pt

US Grocery Store Prices 40-Yr Spike

April grocery store prices made highest jump in more than 40 years

Fed Buys ETFs

Fed Buys $305 Million of ETFs..

Uber takeover Grubhub

Uber is discussing a takeover deal with Grubhub for roughly $6 billion: report

Jim Cramer talks Uber's takeover bid for GrubHub: 'This would be a genius move'

Uber Brings $900 Million Bond Sale After Grubhub Deal Report


GE stock tumbles toward 3-decade low..

eBay, Nvidia,  

eBay Soars to 52-Week High

Nvidia Stock Hits Record High Jumps To New High..

Amazon buyout of AMC rumour 

AMC Entertainment’s stock jumps after report Amazon expressed buyout interest

FBI Probe

FBI seizes senator's phone in stock probe


Trump calls out ‘so-called rich guys’ speaking negatively about the stock market, alleges they are ‘betting big against it,’

US Economy

Nearly 40% of low-income workers lost their jobs in March

US jobless claims rise to 36m since start of lockdowns

US jobless surge is worse than in Europe..

Trump’s grade on the economy tumbles to C

Mortgage delinquencies caused by the coronavirus will exceed Great Recession levels, according to this forecast

Record retail sales plunge..

Mega Spending

USA $3tn in additional stimulus


Dividends have disappeared this year. Will they ever come back? | CNN

Investors deprived of income as companies slash dividends


Airline stocks take a dive after Boeing CEO warns of possible industry bankruptcy


Negative Rates

Chairman says the Federal Reserve is not considering negative interest rates

“follow the Fed"

Investors Are Dumping Stocks for Bonds as Fed Buying Begins

JPMorgan, Citi Left Out as Fed Began Historic Debt ETF Rescue

Fed’s balance sheet nears $7 trillion mark

Fed attacked for failing to halt US bank dividends
...Ex-FDIC chief says central bank was ‘wrong’ to allow payouts to continue during pandemic

Recession, Depression

Fed Chairman says he's concerned about the possibility of a prolonged recession

...Warns US recovery could take until end of 2021

...Says GDP could shrink more than 30%, but he doesn’t see another Depression

Fed's Bullard Says a Prolonged Shutdown Risks Bankruptcies, Depression

Paul Tudor Jones

Tudor Jones says this will be the 'Second Depression' if we remain in lockdown in a year


Buffett's Berkshire prunes stakes in Goldman, JPMorgan

Dud stock picks, bad industry bets, vast under-performance — it’s the end of the .. era

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman Says the Liquidity Trap Has Spread to Emerging Markets

Kevin O’Leary

'Quality really matters' for investors in 2020: 'Shark Tank's' Kevin O'Leary


We've seen a reduction in market volatility: Stifel's Barry Bannister

Stock Market Calls; Stock Market Predictions; Stock Market Outlook; Stock Market Forecast; Buys And No Buys


Mark Cuban says market 'overvalued'

This is the second-most overvalued market, behind only '99: David Tepper

Jim Cramer 

Jim Cramer: Charts suggest more pain is in store before market reaches a 'buyable bottom'

Jim Cramer: The big chains will be the last survivors without more stimulus relief

Jim Cramer: Chart action shows more upside in Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm

Jim Cramer reveals his playbook to buy stocks in recent market weakness

Jim Cramer reveals three semiconductor stocks worth picking up into weakness

Jim Cramer explains why bank stocks can't be bought amid .. crisis

Cramer's lightning round: 'You don't want to be around any company cutting dividends'

Jim Cramer reveals his playbook, says investors can start slowly buying stocks Thursday afternoon

Bottom Calls

Hedge fund legend Michael Novogratz says the bottom is in—even though he just got more negative


Stocks will stage an epic rebound to all-time highs within 12 months, CFRA's Sam Stovall predicts

Moving Down?

His fund is already up 34% this year, and there’s more to come if the stock market crashes like he’s predicting

First bonds, then stocks’ — Fund manager warns investors could get hit with two crashes by end of the year

Stock Market Forecasts, 

Coronavirus Stock Market Forecast Based on Predictive Analytics

The "CAPS" Prediction System and Stock Market Returns

Economy Calls, 
Predictions, Forecasts

Druckenmiller Calls V-Shaped Recovery a Fantasy..

Stan Druckenmiller not buying this rally

Investors should prepare for a U.S. ‘economic depression,’ warns Kyle Bass...

Why a `Nike-Shaped' Economic Recovery Could Be on the Cards

Tech Stocks, FAANG stocks, Apps, Social Media Sites


DOJ, state AGs likely to bring antitrust suits against Google: WSJ


Facebook snaps up Giphy for $400m


Apple’s China Sales Jump on Discounting, iPhone SE Debut

Apple buys virtual reality company


America Is Stuck at Home, but Food-Delivery Companies Still Struggle to Profit

Social Media

Twitter tells employees they can work from home ‘forever’

Tech More

As the Nasdaq Soars, the Tech Trade Is Getting Crowded

Slice, an online ordering and marketing platform for pizzerias, raises $43M.. from KKR

Trump tweet raises threat for Google, Twitter, Facebook

Work From Home New Trend

Work-from-home productivity pickup has tech CEOs predicting many employees will never come back to the office

Elon Musk

Elon Musk Drama: 'If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.' Elon Says Ready To Be Arrested; Tesla Reopens Cali. Plant; California AssemblyWoman Says 'F*** Elon'; Plus May Move To Texas

Elon Musk Calls ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ken Jennings a ‘Knucklehead’ in .. Twitter Feud

Elon Musk gets support from Trump and local mayor after reopening Tesla plant


Gold above $1,700..


Mortgage REITs Plunge Again


Banks Are In Bear Mkt; Fin Stocks Bounce; Wells Fargo Up From 11-YR Lo


Big Companies Cashed In on Stock Rally With Flood of Offerings


Small Biz Aid.. PPP Program

DOJ subpoenas big banks in PPP fraud probe - Reuters

Congressional committee demands these 5 public companies return crisis loans meant for small businesses

Flash Crash

10 YRs Ago.. An Historic Flash Crash


Disney, SeaWorld Surge on Florida’s Steps to Reopen Theme Parks

Cruise stocks rally, as J.P. Morgan analysts says investor sentiment 'probably couldn't be worse'

Ford to restart production in North America on Monday


Home-improvement, discount, drug stores are winners amid ... crisis..

Headlines >>>

Young investors pile into stocks, seeing ‘generational-buying moment’ instead of risk

European Stocks Post Worst Back-to-Back Losses in Two Months

Yale Expands Stock Portfolio by More Than 300% in Market Plunge

GER Thyssenkrupp faces deep quarterly loss due to coronavirus, shares tank

'Pokemon Go' maker Niantic tops FT list of high-growth companies

May brings heavy pullbacks in TV ad spending - WSJ

Booking Holdings chief seeks government subsidies for travel

AT&T boss retires with $274,000 a month for life

Shoppers begin to shift from stockpiling to penny pinching at the grocery store

Martin Shkreli denied in bid to be freed from prison

Costco eliminates 2 shopper limit and reopens food courts

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