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United States Oil Fund LP (USO)

 The biggest oil ETF is down more than 30% this week, and retail investors are getting ‘hosed’

U.S. Oil Fund rolling some of holdings into later months

"United States Oil Fund (ticker: USO), which invests in near-term oil futures, will put 20% of its assets into futures contracts expiring two months out"

USO Shifts Investments as Market Turmoil Builds

Troubled Oil ETF Again Shuffles Holdings Amid Market Mayhem

Short-Selling Biggest Oil ETF Curbed by SEC Rule After Plunge

Robinhood Traders Kept Flooding Into Biggest Oil ETF During Rout 

8-for-1 reverse split..

Biggest Oil ETF Could Go ‘Lights Out,’ Warns Wall Street Strategist

Biggest Oil ETF ‘Almost Unanalyzable’ After Ditching Disclosures

Shorts make nearly $300Mil...

Young investors rush into struggling oil ETF that isn’t even tracking the price of oil anymore

Bottom-Calling Bets On Oil ETF Sour Amid Plunge

How ETFs, New Whales of the Oil Market, Are Roiling Crude Prices

Major oil ETF sees huge volumes as crude prices collapse - What could be ahead for the space | VIDEO



Here's a breakdown of the price dislocations happening in bond ETFs 



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