Dow 21K Above; Dow 3-Day-Surge; 3M Jobless Claim; Lockdown; Gold; 2T Stimulus; 5T Fed Bal. Sheet [Weekly Roundup]



  • Surge 3-Day-Up 
  • Technically Out Of Bear Mkt

Unprecedented Lockdown

  • 3.3m Us Jobless Claim 
  • Trump: Economy open again on Easter April 12
  • $2T Stimulus Pass

  • Bars, coins demand up - CNN
  • U.S. economy will bounce back 
       from short-term shock: Bullard
  • 5T Balance Sheet
  • Sees weakening in its ads

Stock Market News 


Dow Jones Industrial Index


Dow rebounds more than 11% in best day since 1933 as Congress nears coronavirus stimulus deal

Dow posts best 3-day gain since 1931 even as jobless claims surge to record 3.3 million

Technically Speaking, the Dow Just Rocketed Out of a Bear Market


wants ‘packed churches’ and economy open again on Easter April 12..

Trump signs $2tn stimulus

Companies axe dividends in global push for cash

Retail stocks hammered

GE’s stock falls to 28-year low after aviation unit cuts jobs

US airlines seek to delay day of reckoning with $50bn bailout

Amazon has been the king of big tech stocks during the sell-off

Bank of America waives fees, defers payments on credit cards, mortgages and auto loans
...Citi, Chase, Capital One, Discover, Apple and American Express have made similar announcements

Bank of America CEO says struggling customers can defer loan payments online with 'two-clicks'

Bank of America fields 150,000 payment deferral requests, but some customers call mortgage relief ‘misleading’

Insurance industry could be ‘in jeopardy’ ... warns Lloyd’s chair

Yum Brands suspends $2 billion buyback program, provides royalty grace period for franchisees

BTS, #1 Current Band, Postpones US, Canada Tours

Carnival seeking up to $7B in new debt

Big companies raise record sums from bond market in dash for cash: Investment-grade borrowers topped up their coffers by $244bn..

Google is donating $800 million


Nike +7% after earnings topper

Amazon teaming up with Lyft on recruiting the ride-hailing company’s drivers to deliver packages and groceries


Facebook says despite high usage, ads taking hit in viral hot regions

Facebook sees weakening in its ads business due to the coronavirus | CNBC

Facebook in talks to acquire stake in top Indian telco Reliance Jio, report says


15 mins+
CNBC's full interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Ford Stock Spike

Ford's stock soars 41% in 2 days, the biggest 2-day gain since Thanksgiving 2008

Ratings, Downgrades..

Ford credit rating cut to junk at S&P; Moody's also warns

Japan's SoftBank attacks Moody’s after debt downgrade..


Investors are snapping up gold bars and coins - Cnn

Gold gains more than $80 an ounce to mark largest daily dollar climb on record

World’s Rich Are Stuggling to Get Hold of Gold in ‘Crazy’ Moment


U.S. economy will bounce back from short-term coronavirus shock: Bullard

Fed’s Kaplan and Bostic See Chance for Solid Post-Crisis Rebound

Balance Sheet Tops $5 Trillion for First Time..

says Fed chief Powell 'got ahead of this,' and 'going big' was right thing to do

The Federal Reserve just pledged asset purchases with no limit to support markets

Fed surprises market with program to support corporate bonds

The Fed is going to buy ETFs. What does it mean?

Fed to conduct $1 trillion in daily repo for rest of March 2020


This was the fastest 30% sell-off ever

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Drops 
Much More Than Initially Estimated In March

Direxion cuts leverage on 10 funds, closes eight funds

‘Great liquidity crisis’ hits as banks step back

Restaurants can’t survive on delivery alone, says Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney

Bill Ackman, Lloyd Blankfein Take Lockdown Disagreements to Twitter

These companies are hiring thousands of new employees

Interest in stock trading apps soars

SEC steps in after investors buy up the wrong Zoom

Steve Ballmer buys the Forum for $400 million in cash

American Pump Prices Fall Below $2 in First Time in Four Years

Ad-Spending Collapse Will Be Worse Than 2008-09, Survey Finds

Shaq Criticized for Skipping Too Many Papa John’s Board Meetings

S&P Sees Dubai Property Prices Dropping to Levels Seen in 2010

Bottom Calling

BlackRock’s Rieder says bond market volatility has peaked and stocks may have hit bottom

Bill Ackman Makes $2.5 Billion ‘Recovery Bet’ Amid Coronavirus Tumble

David Tepper says he's buying some tech stocks, but market may have 10% to 15% more to fall

Man who scored big wins during the 2008 financial crisis says the stock market could be ‘near a bottom’ if U.S. gets a coronavirus recovery plan

Dow Jones Index Weekly Moves

Monday -580 
Tuesday +2,112 pts
Wednesday +500 almost
Thursday +1350 
Friday -915


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