Dow -3500 Week; Volatility > 2011'; Worst Week > 08'; Us Banks Bear Mkt | Stock Market Weekly

Dow -3500 Week; Volatility > 2011'; Worst Week > 08'; Us Banks Bear Mkt | Stock Market Weekly


Dow Jones 3,583 Points

European stocks fall 12%

Volatility index hits highest level since 2011 ‘flash crash’

Global stocks set for worst week since 2008 
financial crisis

US bank stocks fall 
into bear market

Dow's plunge not triggering panic-like behavior on NYSE, Nasdaq shows signs of dip buying

Dow enters correction territory

The Dow lost 2,000 points in three days
Here are the key levels to watch
    | CNBC

Tesla's stock on track to open in bear-market territory

Virgin Galactic stock craters after Credit Suisse downgrade

Tesla and Virgin Galactic Are Getting Hammered. It Isn’t Capitulation

DoorDash files IPO

New 52-week lows jump to 14-month high on NYSE; 6 Dow stocks hit new lows

HP now willing to ‘explore’ merger with Xerox, top executives say


South Korea stocks drop nearly 4% as country raises coronavirus alert to ‘highest level’

Italian stocks plunge almost 5% as coronavirus shuts down towns, schools and soccer matches

Japan stocks plunge almost 3% as virus fears grow


Warren Buffett calls Apple ‘probably the best business I know in the world’

Cruise stocks drop, as Carnival on track to open at 5 1/2-year low

A Junk Bond’s Divergence in Two Markets Shows Climate of Fear

Gold’s Volatility Emptying Jewelry Boxes in a Wild Selling Spree

Shopify’s Soaring Stock Creates Fistful Of New Billionaires

Rolls-Royce issues upbeat outlook despite coronavirus

These startups raised billions and then laid off thousands. Workers are shocked and frustrated

Target breaks into the top 10 list of US e-commerce retailers

Checkup for $30, Teeth Cleaning $25: Walmart Gets Into Health Care

Travel giant Expedia says it will cut 3,000 jobs

EU trade chief says US ‘mini deal’ is within reach

Reddit’s Profane, Greedy Traders Are Shaking Up the Stock Market

Tech Platforms Aren’t Bound by First Amendment, Appeals Court Rules

'Shark Tank' host Barbara Corcoran loses $400,000 in an email scam

McDonald's is giving away free Egg McMuffins just as Wendy's launches breakfast


Junk bond funds suffer worst outflows in more than a year

10 Low-Volatility ETFs for This Roller-Coaster Market

3+ Great Benefits of Monthly Dividend ETFs

Treasury ETF (TLT) Hits New 52-Week High

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